Dear clients, colleagues and service providers,

As you know by now, the outbreak of the Coronavirus is impacting lives and businesses globally. Justifiably, it has caused market disruptions and other types of concerns.

We would like to inform you that Banco do Brasil Securities LLC is taking every precautionary measure to protect its employees and continue to provide uninterrupted services to our clients. We continue to monitor the latest reports from government health officials such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as state officials’ guidance.

During this time, we encourage you to access your account 24/7 via Through our website you can login to your investment account to check your positions, balances, activity, confirmation, statements, etc. The Banco do Brasil Securities LLC App is also available for your download to your phone via your app store. We are attaching further information herein for your perusal.

During this period, these should be the main sources through which your account information can be obtained or viewed.

In the event that you would like to place instructions to purchase or liquidate investment products, please contact your Financial Executive directly. Considering the current situation we are experiencing a high volume of calls, therefore, please leave a message or request contact via e-mail or WhatsApp and your Financial Executive will contact you as soon as possible. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

We remind you that all orders must be confirmed orally. If an order is left through voice message or sent via e-mail or any other written form, it will not be executed until oral confirmation is complete.

We appreciate your understanding and loyalty to our institution. At this time, we would like to ensure you that we’re doing our best to continue providing the standard of service and care we owe you and your family.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and evaluate additional measures as needed.

Best Regards and be safe.