Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is Important to Us:
At Banco do Brasil Securities LLC. (“BBS”), we understand that confidentiality and security of the personal information that you share with us is important. BBS is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information, including personal information related to individuals who may be customers, employees, agents, job applicants or others inside or outside of BBS. The following disclosure explains what personal information we collect, what we do with that information and the steps we have put in place to protect the nonpublic personal information you have entrusted to us.

Information We Collect
BBS collects confidential client information from you in a number of ways including information provided on our new account applications and other forms we receive from you, consumer reporting agencies, information obtained through our website, as well as information from other sources. For Example:

  • We collect information such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, social security number, date of birth, net worth, income, financial objectives and investment experience through applications and other forms you submit to us.
  • We may access information regarding your account balances, your use of account(s), transactions and the types of products and services you prefer through your interactions and transactions with us.
  • We may obtain information about your credit worthiness and credit history from credit reporting agencies.
  • We may collect background information from and through third party vendors to verify representations you have made and to comply with various regulatory requirements.

Additional Information We collect from use of our Website
We may use “cookies” as part of its interaction with your browser, if your computer accepts cookies. Cookies consist of files of information that a Web site transfers to a site visitor’s hard drive to track site and user activity. Cookies can make your use of more pleasing and efficient by, for example, “personalizing” your user interface or identifying which parts of the site you have previously visited. Cookies are commonly used on web sites and do not harm your system. By configuring your preferences or options in your browser, you determine if and how a Cookie will be accepted.

How We Share this information
BBS may share all of your nonpublic personal information we collect about you with affiliates. BBS does not share confidential information about our clients with unaffiliated third parties unless such disclosure is necessary to manage and service your account. For example, we provide access to information about you to unaffiliated third parties in certain limited circumstances, including:

  • To help us process transactions for your account(s).
  • To help us manage and service your account(s).
  • When we contract with third parties to provide account related services such as printing, mailing, and data processing services.
  • When it is necessary to comply with a subpoena or other court or regulatory order or is otherwise required or permitted by law.

Information Protection
BBS protects your nonpublic information from access by third parties by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards. We limit access to your information to those employees who are trained in the proper handling of nonpublic client information and who need access to perform their job functions.

Affiliate Marketing
You may limit our affiliates from marketing products or services to you based on your personal information that we collect and share with them. This information may include your social security number and/or other tax identification number, income, account history with us and other personal information that you may have provided to us during your transaction history with BBS. If you are a new customer, we can begin sharing your information 30 days from the date we sent this notice. When you are no longer our customer, we continue to share your information as described in this notice.

To prohibit information sharing for marketing purposes, please contact or send a letter to the Compliance Department:

535 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Phone: (646) 845-3711
2 South Biscayne Blvd
Suite 3150
Miami FL, 33131
Phone: (407) 608-1784

Business continuity

Banco do Brasil Securities LLC has developed a Business Continuity Plan detailing how we will respond to events that significantly disrupt our business. Since the timing and impact of disasters and disruptions is unpredictable, we will have to be flexible in responding to actual events as they occur. With that in mind, we are providing you with this information on our business continuity plan.

If after a significant business disruption you cannot contact us as you usually do, please call the alternate office location at the following numbers: Miami contact: (407)608-1780; NYC contact (646)845-3711. If you cannot access us through either of those means, you should contact our clearing firm, Pershing LLC at or (800)445-4467 for instructions on how it may enter orders and process other trade-related, cash and security transfer transactions.

We plan to quickly recover and resume business operations after a significant business disruption and respond by safeguarding our employees and property, making a financial and operational assessment, protecting the firm’s books and records, and allowing our customers to transact business. In short, our business continuity plan is designed to permit our firm to resume operations as quickly as possible, given the scope and severity of the significant business disruption.

Our business continuity plan addresses: data backup and recovery; all mission critical systems; financial and operational assessments; alternative communications with customers, employees, and regulators; alternate physical location of employees; critical supplier, contractor, bank and counter-party impact; regulatory reporting; and assuring our customers prompt access to their funds and securities if we are unable to continue our business.

Significant business disruptions can vary in their scope, such as only our firm, a single building housing one of our offices, the business district where an office is located, the city where we are located, or the whole region. Within each of these areas, the severity of the disruption can also vary from minimal to severe. BBS will determine whether it is necessary to transfer our operations to another office or to a site outside of the affected area. In either situation, we plan to continue our business and may transfer operations to our clearing firm if necessary. Should that be the case, you will be notified by telephone or email on how to contact us. If the significant business disruption is so severe that it prevents BBS from remaining in business, we will assure our customers prompt access to their funds and securities.

Our clearing firm, Pershing LLC., maintains a business continuity plan and the capacity to execute that plan. Pershing LLC asserts that it will advise BBS of any material change to its plan that might affect our ability to maintain our business and has presented us with an executive summary of its plan. In the event Pershing LLC executes its plan, they will notify us of such execution. Pershing LLC affirms that it backs up our records at a remote site and that it operates back-up operating facilities in geographically separate areas with the capacity to conduct the same volume of business as its primary site. Pershing LLC has also confirmed the effectiveness of its back-up arrangements to recover from a wide scale disruption by testing and it has verified that it tests its back-up arrangements. A copy of the Pershing LLC executive summary can be provided to you upon request.

For more information – If you have questions about our business continuity planning, you can contact us at the numbers identified above.

Order routing information

Under U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) Rule 606 of Regulation NMS, broker-dealers that route client orders in equity and option securities are required to make publicly available quarterly reports that identify the venues to which client orders are routed for execution. BBS transmits our customer orders to our clearing firm, Pershing LLC. Pershing LLC may then route these orders to various venues for execution. Follow the link below to access the Banco do Brasil LLC. Disclosure of order Routing Practices:

Insert our firm’s name (Banco do Brasil Securities LLC) in the space provided and hit enter.

Payment for order flow

Banco do Brasil Securities LLC’s policy is not to receive “payment for order flow” from any broker dealer, national securities exchange, national securities association, or exchange member in return for routing customer orders.

Margin disclosure

Securities purchased on margin are the firm’s collateral for the loan to you. If the securities in your account decline in value, so does the value of the collateral supporting your loan, and as a result, the firm can take action such as issue a margin call and/or sell securities or other assets in any of your accounts held with the firm, in order to maintain the required equity in the account.

It is important that you fully understand the risks involved in trading securities on margin. The risks include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • You can lose more funds than you deposit in the margin account. A decline in the value of securities that are purchased on margin may require you to provide additional funds to Banco do Brasil Securities LLC’s to avoid the forced sale of those securities or other securities in your account.
  • Banco do Brasil Securities LLC’s can force the sale of securities in your account. If the equity in your account falls below the margin maintenance level required by law, or below our higher “house” requirements, Banco do Brasil Securities LLC’s can sell the securities in your account to cover the margin deficiency. You will also be responsible for any shortfall in the account after such a sale.
  • Securities can be sold without contacting you prior to the sale. Some investors mistakenly believe they must be contacted before a margin call becomes valid, and that the securities in their accounts cannot be liquidated to meet the call, unless they have been contacted first. This is not the case. Most firms will attempt to notify you of margin calls, but are not required to do so. However, even if Banco do Brasil Securities LLC’s has contacted you and provided a specific date by which you can meet a margin call, Banco do Brasil Securities LLC’s can still take the necessary steps to protect its financial interests, including immediately selling the securities without notice to you.
  • You are not entitled to choose which securities in your margin account are liquidated or sold to meet your margin call. Because the securities are collateral for the margin loan, Banco do Brasil Securities LLC’s has the right to decide which security to sell in order to protect its interests.
  • Banco do Brasil Securities LLC’s can increase its “house” maintenance requirements at any time and is not required to provide you with written notice in advance. These changes in policy can take effect immediately and may result in the issuance of a margin maintenance call. Your failure to satisfy this call may cause a forced liquidation in your account.
  • You are not entitled to an extension of time on a margin call. While an extension of time to meet margin requirements may be available to clients under certain conditions, a client does not have a right to the extension.


SIPC notification

All customers are advised that information about SIPC, including the SIPC brochure, may be obtained by contacting SIPC. SIPC may be contacted by phone, email or regular mail:

Securities Investor Protection Corporation
805 15th Street, N.W. Suite 800
Washington, D.C. 20005-2215

Tel: (202)371-8300
Fax: (202)371-6728

For more detailed information please visit the SIPC website at:


FINRA Notification

FINRA’s public disclosure program toll free hotline number is 1(800)289-9999 and FINRA’s website address is:

Information regarding your Registered Representative and Banco do Brasil Securities LLC can be found through the following:

Not FDIC insured

Banco do Brasil Securities LLC is an introducing broker-dealer. The Firm is a wholly owned subsidiary of Banco do Brasil S.A., and is a member of FINRA, SIPC and NFA. Securities services are provided by Banco do Brasil Securities LLC. Which is not insured by the FDIC. Deposits are not guaranteed by the insured bank and are subject to investment risks including loss of capital.

Customer identification program

Federal regulation requires financial institutions including Banco do Brasil Securities LLC to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each individual who opens an account, and about the beneficial owners of businesses and other legal entities with an account. By gathering this information, Banco do Brasil Securities LLC is helping law enforcement investigate and prosecute crimes such as terrorist financing, money laundering, tax evasion, corruption and fraud. To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, financial institutions are required by Federal law to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each individual or entity that opens an account or requests credit.

What this means for individuals: When an individual opens an account or requests credit, we will ask for their name, residence address, date of birth, tax identification number, and other information that allows us to identify them. We may also ask to see a driver’s license, passport or other identifying documents.

What this means for legal entities: When a corporation, partnership, trust or other legal entity opens an account or requests credit, we will ask for the entity’s name, physical address, tax identification number, and other information that will allow us to identify the entity. We may also ask to see other identifying documents, such as certified articles of incorporation, partnership agreements, a trust instrument or information identifying and clarifying beneficial ownership.

Contact information

Banco do Brasil LLC takes your satisfaction seriously. For any inquiry, suggestion, or grievance you may have, we ask you to please contact us so that we can address your concerns. If your representative has not addressed your concerns to your satisfaction, please do not hesitate to contact management directly at or via telephone at (407)608-1780 and ask for the Branch Office manager. You may also request to speak with Compliance at any time. You may contact Compliance directly at or via telephone at 646-845-3711.